Equine Therapy Services

Our Lovable Horses Will Change Your Life

At Fancy Feathers in Sidney, Iowa, there’s plenty of time to horse around with our staff if you’re interested in horse riding, cart driving, grooming or just being around them. That’s because we “employ” lovable horses who are the backbone of our business.

These noble horses can become your therapy buddy and your best friend. They are loyal and trustworthy, with the compassion to know how to help and make you smile. From Draft sized to Miniature size; You can start small and work up.

Premier Vanner Farm in the Midwest

Fancy Feathers Gypsy Vanners is destined to become a premier Vanner farm in the Midwest. With a small, well-bred herd with correct conformation and beautiful way of movement, Fancy Feathers Gypsies take my breath away...These Gypsies have amazing temperaments and a calm (and clownish!) curiosity that makes them a true pleasure to be around! The caring nature of the owners, the pride they take in their herd, and their deep love for the breed is reflected in the meticulous care they provide these beautiful horses; from feeding and grooming to training and play, these horses receive the best loving care. I look forward to watching Fancy Feathers grow and thrive for many years to come, and urge you to contact them to learn about the majestic Gypsy Vanner!

- Joey and Jennifer Boardman

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